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Ryan, Joe



In 1991, Joe Ryan founded Oppidan under the philosophy to “Deliver Value.” Since then, Oppidan has become a leader in the merchant real estate development industry completing more than 300 projects in 27 states. Mr. Ryan has assisted in the development of over $1.75 billion in real estate property. Over the years he has serviced over 80 clients including; Coborn’s, SuperValu, Goodwill, Orchard Supply Hardware, Carl’s Jr., Target, US Bank, Camping Work, Econofoods, Verizon Wireless, Walgreens, Rainbow Foods, Gander Mountain and more.

In 2010, Mr. Ryan added more services to Oppidan such as asset management, brokerage and LEED Certification. More recently Oppidan has expanded into residential real estate in North Dakota’s Bakken region, as well as West Des Moines, Iowa. This ability to adapt and grow has allowed Oppidan to flourish, despite tough economic times and enabled Oppidan has been able to develop an excess of 9 million square feet in projects across the country. 


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Tucci, Paul



Paul Tucci joined Oppidan in 1997 as Vice President of Development. He is responsible for all aspects of the development process including site selection and acquisition, governmental entitlements, tenant lease negotiation, professional service provider, coordination and financing, all done in  an efficient and timely turnover to the client.  


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Ayres, Mike



Mike Ayres joined Oppidan Investment Company in 1999 as the Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for the overall operations of the company and several of its key development partnerships. Mike assists client’s senior management teams in refining their real estate growth strategy and determines their target markets. He underwrites those markets to help clients select the best location for their business to grow. Mike has personally underwritten over 250 markets and has helped keep Oppidan positioned several years ahead of their clients plans, allowing them to grow at a pace their business success will allow.

Mike has spent the last few years working out of Oppidan’s newly opened San Jose, CA office where he is working closely with Orchard Supply Hardware, a successful hardware retail chain since 1931. With his expertise and knowledge, Mike is helping them through the redevelopment process and expansion of their retail stores throughout the coming years. 


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Moore, Jay



In 2001, Jay Moore joined Oppidan Investment Company and since then he has developed several single and multi-tenant retail developments. Jay has been responsible for all aspects of Oppidan’s development in North Dakota’s Bakken region. In the past two years Oppidan has committed to over $150,000,000 in retail shopping centers and residential apartment buildings throughout the flourishing area. He has been a key part of Oppidan’s success in the Bakken.

Jay has acquired a broad range of real estate experience with Oppidan, including land acquisition, land disposition, shopping center development, entitlements and construction management. He has developed for retailers such as Gander Mountain, Northern Tool & Equipment, Cash Wise Foods, Carl’s Jr., Goodwill, Camping World, and Caribou Coffee, to name a few.  


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Kasid, Patrick

Chief Information Officer


Pat Kasid joined Oppidan Investment Company in 2004.  Pat’s role at Oppidan combines the financial and sales arms of the company.  Mr. Kasid oversees Oppidan’s investment opportunities, financial planning and analysis and cash flow management.  In addition, Pat is responsible for asset disposition along with underwriting the value of Oppidan’s available and future real estate assets.

Over the past 10 years, Mr. Kasid has helped to shape Oppidan’s internal investment opportunity processes.  Pat is responsible for managing all of the sales-related and operational finance functions; including forecasting, revenue and expense budgeting and sales modeling. Mr. Kasid also corresponds on a regular basis with Oppidan’s extensive direct buyer and brokerage network to underwrite project and tenant values to help determine each assets return to Oppidan.  Along with senior management, Pat spends time working with the lending community building strong relationships, managing the construction process and expectations.


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Eggiman, Aimee



In 2004, Aimee Eggiman joined Oppidan Investment Company and since then she has enabled Oppidan to obtain a new level of technology, marketing and research capabilities. Aimee’s vast knowledge of computer programs allows her to stay up to date on the ever changing world of technology. Aimee’s use of GIS Mapping and Demographics has been vital to Oppidan’s search for potential properties for a vast list of clients.

Aimee is also responsible for the creation and production of all marketing materials from brochures and signage to business cards. She also is behind the maintenance and creation of Oppidan’s website. Aimee’s skill and knowledge has allowed Oppidan to give clients a broad range of materials and research data. 


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Rusk, Shannon



Shannon Rusk joined Oppidan in 2006 as Vice President of Development and Brokerage Services. She is responsible for developing and maintaining client relationships with an emphasis in strategic real estate planning. Shannon manages and oversees site selection, entitlement, project development, transaction services, project management and financing for her clients. With a successful track record spanning more than twenty years in the commercial real estate industry, Shannon is a valuable asset to Oppidan and her clients. 


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Scott, David

Vice President and Counsel


As Oppidan’s Vice President and Counsel Dave Scott is responsible for guiding Oppidan and their clients through the entire legal process. Dave specializes in acquisition, sale, financing, leasing and development of real estate assets between developers, investors and lenders. Dave’s expertise with sophisticated real estate deal structures and his ability to quickly solve legal issues have been vital to Oppidan’s success. 


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Barrett, Patrick

Vice President of Construction


Pat Barrett is Vice President of Construction for Oppidan where he is involved in every aspect of the construction process from managing the City approval process, to ensuring projects meet their schedule deadlines while staying within the budget. He is a key player in growing client relations throughout the course of a project. Pat is also responsible for hiring and managing design professionals and general contractors.  Barrett has been with Oppidan since 2005 and has successfully managed $240,000,000 in construction projects.


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Richter, Michelle

Office Staff


Michelle Richter joined Oppidan in 2011 as the Administrative Assistant where she assists in several daily tasks. Michelle manages all aspects of Oppidan’s office travel, ensuring everyone reaches their destination in the most efficient manner. She also handles all of Oppidan’s media relations, from press release material to social media sites, keeping Oppidan in the news and relevant. She runs the Oppidan blog, as well as the Oppidan quarterly newsletter. Michelle works closely with the Director of Marketing to help present Oppidan in the highest fashion to potential clients and while aiding everyone in the office on a variety of tasks. 


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Allman, Kelly

Office Staff


Kelly Allman has worked at Oppidan as the Personal Assistant to the President since 2009. She is responsible for delegating Oppidan sponsorships and keeping close relations with community partners throughout the year. Kelly also organizes and maintains personal accounts as well as handling special office projects and outings.


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Allman, Matt

Chief Financial Officer


Matt Allman joined Oppidan in 2011 as Manager of Owned Assets. He is currently responsible for handling Oppidan’s internal finances, budgeting, and forecasting. Matt is also responsible for securing insurance for each project and property, while also overseeing Oppidan’s property management operations. 


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Ryan, Tom



Tom Ryan joined Oppidan’s development team in 2013. Tom works closely with clients guiding them through site selection, city process and lease negotiation. He is also responsible for negotiating land purchases and then working with brokers to sell any excess land acquired in the transactions. 


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Pew, Bill

Construction Manager


Oppidan welcomed Bill Pew to the team in 2013 as Director of New Store Construction. Bill is responsible for managing construction partners and providing day-to-day oversight for projects, while also growing client relationships. Currently, Bill splits his time between Oppidan’s headquarters and their west coast office in San Jose, CA where he works closely with clients Orchard Supply Hardware on their redevelopment process. 


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Cutter, Steve



Steve is a San Francisco Bay Area native and a University of Oregon graduate.  Steve has been involved with several hundred transactions throughout Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado encompassing approximately 1.5 million square feet. As an integral part of the Oppidan West team, Steve runs all new Oppidan developments from acquisition through entitlements to store opening, in the Western United States.


Van De Wiele, Jason Thumb Image

Van De Wiele, Jason

Property Management


Jason Van De Wiele joined Oppidan in 2013 as the Senior Property Manager, bringing eleven years of experience to the company. Jason is responsible for all aspects of commercial property management including managing tenant relations, tenant lease negotiations and managing the day-to-day operations of the commercial properties. 


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Carlson, Erin



Erin Carlson has been with Oppidan since 2013 as the Paralegal to the In-House Counsel and Assistant to the Financial Officer. She assists with all aspects of purchases, sales and construction projects, including preparation and tracking of purchase agreements, preparation of transactional documents, assembly of due diligence materials and coordination of supplemental materials for both buyers and sellers. Erin also performs title searches and recorded document reviews for the construction depart. During project construction, Erin corresponds with the lending bank, contractor, Title Company and client to ensure a smooth payment process. She plays a key role in keeping processes running efficiently and on schedule. 


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Anderson, Ted

Construction Manager for California


Ted Anderson joined the Oppidan West Coast office in 2012 as a Senior Construction Manager. Ted is responsible for working with clients through the entire construction process, from due diligence to project turnover. Ted works closely with clients Orchard Supply Hardware and Sprouts, managing site design and criteria, keeping projects on time and on budget as well as site analysis. 


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Templin, Art

Construction Manager


Art Templin joined Oppidan late in 2013 and has been a valuable member of the construction team. As Construction Manager, Art works closely managing third party design professionals such as architects, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers. Art services tenants such as ShopKo and Carbo Ceramics throughout the entire construction process to ensure an on time, on budget delivery.

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Bernstein, Roger

Construction Manager for California


Roger Bernstein joined Oppidan in March 2014 as Vice President of West Coast Real Estate Operations. He brings twenty six years of architectural and commercial real estate development expertise to Oppidan’s San Jose, CA office where he is based. Roger is responsible for the execution and management of strategic real estate and construction plans for Orchard Supply Hardware’s development expansion.


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Garcia, Maria

Office Staff in California


Maria Garcia is the Support Staff for the San Jose based Oppidan office in California. She joined the team in 2014 after six years of office managerial work. Maria’s day to day roles include scheduling meetings, coordinating travel arrangements, and maintaining office equipment. She works closely with key executives as a project assistant creating presentation materials and packages. Maria also assists in tracking budgets and invoices and tracking project dates through regular status meetings.


Jiannalone, Chase Thumb Image

Jiannalone, Chase

Construction Manager for California


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Johnson, Drew